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Living the good life can be expensive, especially when it comes to eating well.  However, we believe there are some great deals out there, so that living the high life doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.  In this post, we will show you the best Grocery Outlet deals so you can wine and cheese on the cheap! If you’re not familiar with The Grocery Outlet, it’s a food and produce discounter where overstock foods go to have their final days at low prices.  Items are in good condition, but a keen eye and knowledge of what you like will get you the gems that are hidden in its aisles.

So we gave ourselves a challenge:  Put together a wine and cheese party for 4 under $30. 

Here are our recommendations with change to spare!

Wine #1: 2008 Steinklotz Alsace Grand Cru from Helfrich Winery $6.99

Yes it’s from France, this should be the first indicator of quality.  Not everything from France fits the California palette, but this one is a highly drinkable burst of peaches, flowers, and nectar in your mouth. It’s a little bit past it’s peak, making it sweeter than originally intended, but you can still enjoy this wine on the other side.  It’s a real palette pleaser with our French style brie. Steinklotz Steinklotz

Wine #2: 2010 Tarkettle Road Cabernet Sauvignon $9.99

This red is from the Alexander Valley, of Sonoma, where some of the best Cabernets and Zinfandels are made in California.  This robust red wine is like blackberry picking on a field of rich black soil.  It’s earthy, dry, and well balance with slight acidity.  Hints of black cherry and raspberry dance together in this dark red/violet elixir, followed by hints of vanilla and soft spice.  This young Cabernet has the ability to please many red wine drinkers and pairs well with our Point Reyes Blue Cheese Dip. Dip, bite, and sip! Tarkettle Tarkettle

Cheese #1: Père Brie $1.99 (below on the right)

This is a French style brie that’s made in the USA, so your patriotism stays intact.  Very creamy, semi-ripe, mild fromage, pearl white with a chalk white rind that goes very well with the freshness and sweetness of our Alsacian white wine. Press a slice between your tongue and the roof of your mouth and experience its buttery goodness, then chew! Brie on the right Brie on the right

Cheese #2: Point Reyes Blue Cheese Dip $2.99 (above on the left)

Blue on the left Point Reyes Blue Cheese Dip is made by a well known cheese making family in Marin County, California.  Their award winning cheeses are hand made from organically fed dairy cows and have been made this way for generations.  Made for dipping with the addition of organic mayonnaise, sea salt, and green onions, it goes well on crackers, tortillas, and cut vegetables.  The rich sharp flavor of this blue cheese, pairs very well with our earthy and very drinkable Cabernet Sauvignon. Time to party! Invite your friends, take up your glasses and toast to the good life.  You decide whether or not to tell your friends where you got your wine and cheese deals from, but living the good life no longer has to break the bank. Disclaimer: We are not paid by Grocery Outlet or by any of the product makers we mention here.  The availability and price of products will vary from store to store.  The key is to know what you like, and take some chances. Cheers!

Wine and Cheese on the Cheap

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