When the weekend comes, we naturally want to go out and be social, but we’re not always in the mood to fight our way through the busy club only to have to wedge ourselves sideways between two people sitting at the crowded bar and shout our order into the bartender’s ear, just to be heard over the guy in the corner doing his best rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Sometimes, we’re more in the mood to find a quiet place where we can grab a drink and catch up with old friends. To help you in this search for cocktails, conversation and class, here is a list of the best intimate bars in Visalia:

1.  Jack & Charlie’s


 Jack & Charlie’s is truly Visalia’s most unique and inviting cocktail lounge. Their style is of a roaring 1920’s era speakeasy, which is echoed by it’s location underground in what historically served as the town jail. The bar serves a wide variety of wines & spirits, including infused vodkas, whiskey, and absinthe. The bartenders are very talented mixologists who serve a number of traditional cocktails such as the Pim’s Cup,  Moscow Mule and their signature strawberry basil martini.   

2.  The Depot


 The Depot is a restaurant with a two part design;  the left side of the restaurant serving as a high end steakhouse and the right as an intimate cocktail lounge. This romantic candlelit bar is the perfect place for an introductory first date.  The bartenders also put a unique twist on complementary appetizers by offering free cotton candy to their patrons. 

3. Howie’s and Sons Pizza

Howies 2


With 24 beers on tap, Howie’s and Sons Pizza has one of the best selection of craft beers in the city. This alehouse is the perfect stop for a relaxing afternoon pint with your buddies on the weekends.

4. Bravo Farms Smokehouse


The Bravo Farms Smokehouse  is a modern steakhouse that includes a rustic western style saloon. With 31 beers on tap, an excellent wine selection, and Texan inspired cocktails, Bravo is the best place to start or cap off your night out.

5. Pita Kabob


A great Mediterranean style restaurant with a wonderfully peaceful outdoor front patio. Pita Kabob is also known for having some of the best selections of craft beers Visalia has to offer from such breweries as Stone, Dogfish Head, and Firestone.

Visalia Restaurants: Best Intimate Bars in Visalia

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