Goat Liver Sandwich

On a hilltop, on a hazy day in the ancient city of Safed, Israel I had my “Best Sandwich Ever”. A crusty baguette wraps my “Kaved Egen”, a warm goat liver sandwich dressed with tahini (sesame sauce), salatim – a special blend of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, onions, parsley, paprika, and vinegar. A side of yellow chiles provides some heat.

My sandwich, more like a hoagie or sub, is surprisingly mild and sweet for liver.  A delicate and slightly creamy middle in a crusty french baguette.  It’s brilliant!

What’s your favorite sandwich, hoagie, sub, grinder or panini?  Post your “Best Sandwich Ever” picks here in the comments and we’ll include you and your sandwich in our Top 10 Best Sandwiches in the San Joaquin Valley Video coming next month!


The Best Sandwich Ever

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