Visalia is such a vibrant art community it’s spilling into the streets!

Few may realize that Visalia’s finest art gallery is not a single white walled studio, but the entire city itself! Many local artists have taken perfectly ordinary brick and cement walls of buildings and transformed them into canvases of personal expression. On a weekend stroll along downtown Main St., one will find themselves passing many unique and vibrant art pieces, including beautifully commissioned wall murals, unique store front advertisements, and even decorated fire hydrants.

Then there are exhibits that are a little more exclusive, accessible only to those more adventurous souls who are willing to peek down an alley or hop a fence or two. For their courage, these individuals are rewarded with some…. not exactly legal, but brilliantly diverse visual displays of modern style and color. Whatever opinion one has on graffiti, they must admit a clear distinction exists between a hastily scratched tag with permanent marker and these painstankingly detailed artistic designs.

While rushing around from one spot to the next, I encourage everybody to take a minute to stop and appreciate the art pieces that accent our community. If you do happen to discover any cool art spots, please feel free to share them with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #JoaquinAround and we will be sure to add those pieces to the site!

Check out the gallery below to see Visalia’s best street art pieces:

1. Downtown Main St.














2. Mooney Blvd.












StreetArt3 StreetArt14






Street Art of Visalia

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  • nickgalicia

    So what’s everyone’s favorite one?

  • sam

    eyeball with the artist in the pupil!

  • Nick

    Nice! I think my favorite is the green and black cyber/transformer-ish one