Everyday is a Balmy Day for this Mom

Mom-entrepreneur, April Lancaster will soothe your boo-boo. She is a mother of two and the owner of Lancaster Creations. She makes organic lotions to soothe your itchy skin, and organic balms for your achy muscles. We met her at KMK Farms, one of her suppliers for organic herbs for her mom-approved potions. She’s bringing her trunk of soothing potions to Culture 5’s Tastemakers Festival, coming October 18 1pm-6pm at Rawhide Stadium in Visalia.

We want you to be part of the Tastemakers Festival too. We are a group of like-minded artists, creators, and craftsmen cultivating a community of collaboration and support.

Join us at www.culture5.org


Lancaster Creations – Artisan, Handcrafted Body and Home Care Products


Visalia, CA


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