Life Behind the Tray 4: The Champ

Jordan Venema, 2 time Visalia Waiters Race Champion, tells us his secrets to becoming at 2 time champion. A steady dose of philosophy, espressos, and beer. Taking time out of his busy schedule to meet us at Jack & Charlie’s in downtown Visalia, we discover a man driven by his ambition to win, and a headband full of attitude. You can also see Mr. Venema at Fugazzi’s honing his skills as a waiter extraordinaire, ask him about Aristotle or who he thinks will win the Voice this season, I’m sure he will have an opinion.

About The Author
- Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey, and living in Visalia. I'm a fan of people and the culture they create. I arrived here from Los Angeles in 2006 teary eyed from the "smell of money" (a.k.a. cow poop) and what I thought was a lack of "things to do".I met some wonderful friends along the way that helped guide me through our close knit communities to discover a growing art culture, a love for fine food, great music, and community. It's time we share this richness with each other and the rest of the world - this is Joaquin Around.Do you have recommendations, or content to share, contact us here on the site or email me directly at