Life Behind the Tray 2: Waiter Racer’s at Work

The 21st Annual Waiter’s Race is September 25th. In this episode of “Life Behind the Tray”, we follow our waiter’s Faith and Ignacio to work in Downtown Visalia. We chat with their co-workers and their managers. David Vartanian, owner/chef of the Vintage Press recounts the humble beginnings of this Visalia event 20 years ago to the popular Main St. event it is today. We also chat with Gabriel Diaz, Manager of Fugazzi’s who will be fielding a few racers in both the Quick Service and Fine Dining categories.

It’s a friendly competitions, but it’s going to be competition. If you haven’t been to the Visalia Waiter’s Race, you’ve been missing out on tray-to-tray jockeying for first place and a $1,000 top prize. Almost a century old tradition that started in France, Waiter Races or “course de garçons de cafe” are run all around the world in quaint cities to metropolitan centers. Organized by Events Visalia and Visalia Breakfast Lions.

Join the race, or participate go to:

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