It’s 3AM and the chorus of “Billie Jean is not my lover..” bounces off the walls of this cabin party with more rock ’n roll than King of Pop.  The drinks flow ever more smoothly as the waves in the hot tub dance to the beat of bodies.  The sound of laughter breaks the crescendo of conversation at the long oak table where the rest of the party is playing Cards Against Humanity.  This was 2 weekends worth of pa-pa-partyin in the woods, 2 birthdays to be exact.  We had an amazing time and you can too!

You’ll have plenty of chances to take quiet hikes and look for Bambi.  But if you haven’t done it already; I highly suggest you howl at the moon, skinny dip in the river, and yes karaoke in the woods.  The Sierra Mountains is your grand backdrop for your “most epic party ever!” – yes it will be, and you and your friends will be telling stories about it for years to come.

Here is Your Essential Guide to Your Karaoke Party in the Woods.

 #1 Get a Cabin – There are lots of cabin rentals in the Sierras.  Search “Cabin Rentals in the Sierras”  and you will be directed to websites that do vacation rentals.  Our last cabin parties were at Shaver Lake, and Pine Flat.  Each area has it’s own charm, features, and amenities.  Keep in mind the size of your group and the kinds of activities your are looking for, and proximity of neighbors.  Make sure to ask questions from the owner or management, like “How many people can fit in the hot tub?”, “Is there a cleaning fee?”, “What’s activities are nearby?”, “Can I pet the bears?”  You have a lot to choose from from features, sights, pricing.  There is a perfect cabin for every group.

Here’s one with a hot tub! 

Cabin pic 

#2 Plan your Chow – Meal time are great times to hang with your friends and get the party started right.  Before the trip split up the meals among your group and have each person responsible for a meal or a part of the meal depending the number of people.  You can also bring your own chef – if you like that kind of thing.  


Nice melons!

Here is some of our grub from the last cabin party:

-Grilled Pizza


-Chili and Stews

#3 Get your fun on! – The Sierras are a wooded playground.  You can hike, walk, snowboard, ski, sled, play stickball, jump into a river, climb trees, hike, practice your ninja stars and throwing knives.  CAUTION: Remember safety first! Being in the woods also means you’re farther from the hospital.  So make sure you’re having fun safely.  When you’re done with the outdoor you can release your inner rockstar with your portable karaoke.


A truckload of sleds! You can’t see them here, but the best ones are the foam ones with the slick bottoms.


At China Peak, being tickled by a T-Rex.


I highly suggest you howl at the moon, skinny dip in the river, and yes karaoke in the woods.


 #4 Clean up!  The Sierras are our own backyard so keep it clean and don’t leave trash or a path of destruction. Follow the rules of the house so you don’t lose your deposit and you get to come back.  


Look carefully and you’ll see the Duck Dynasty.


Boathouses at Shaver Lake.

#5 Pick the right peeps! I guess this goes for everything you do in groups.  The woods is not everybody’s cup of tea.  So make sure you bring like minds and your fun loving peeps.

P.S. Here are some links to get your own portable karaoke set-up, and other resources on the web.

Wow Videoke

Magic Sing

Evolve Vacation Rentals

Flipkey Rentals

China Peak Ski Resort

Karaoke in The Woods – The Best Cabin Party Ever

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