We need your help with our logo!  We would love your feedback on which is your favorite.  Please look at the images below and comment with your favorite version.

But before you do that, you are probably asking why the heck is our logo a fox? What does a fox have to do with events?  This isn’t CarFax.  We chose the fox for a reason. Probably more of a valid reason than CarFax. The icon is the San Joaquin Kit Fox.

Defenders.org describes the San Joaquin Kit Fox:

The tiny and secretive San Joaquin kit fox is one of the most endangered animals in California. The kit fox is the size of a housecat, with big ears, a long bushy tail and furry toes that help to keep it cool in its hot and dry Central Valley environment. They are difficult to spot with their buff, tan or yellowish-grey fur.

We  feel that the environment of the San Joaquin Kit Fox should be cherished.  We chose the Kit Fox to be our spirit animal because we also love calling the San Joaquin Valley home.



Help Us Choose Our Logo

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