Too often when we reach adulthood we forget to make time to let ourselves create, with the flawed belief that drawing, painting, and designing are childish and as adults we must “…put childish things away.” This idea is unhealthy because when we allow ourselves a chance to be creative we are given a great opportunity to express ourselves, foster new ideas, reduce stress, and connect with others. One local Visalia business that is championing this idea of artistic expression at any age is the Garden Street Art Studio.

The Garden Street Studio is a creative center nestled north of Main St. The studio serves people of all ages and artistic abilities as a collaborative space where individuals can let their artistic ideas take shape. The studio includes three different work stations, which include a Kids Corner, Gallery Room, and the main Community Design Table. Jenny Zeeb is the studio’s owner, whose eye for colors and imaginative personality is so inspiring it silences the voice in our heads telling us “don’t even try, you’re not an artist.”

The studio operates as a creative homeroom where their staff of artists serve as helpful tutors to their customers, teaching various techniques and providing one-on-one assistance throughout each project. The art instructors at Garden Street Studio provide the perfect balance of  helpful attentiveness and hands off approach to allow your project to truly be of your own unique design and expression. In order to provide this quality personal service, the Garden Street Art Studio works through group class reservations, usually consisting of 5-8 people at a time. Unique to the Garden Street Studio are their  “Pinterest Parties,” where customers are encouraged to bring in a picture of their favorite home decor projects and the studio artists will provide the tools and direction necessary to take it from being just a “maybe one day” board pin to a wonderful conversation piece at your next dinner party.

After visiting the studio and meeting Jenny, we were so inspired by the beautifully colored glass mosaics projects displayed in their windows we decided to try making our own. So we grabbed some snacks & wine, called up a group of our friends and let our right brains run wild using our logo of the San Joaquin Kit Fox as the inspiration for our mosaics! Jenny had all the tools and equipment for our group to be able to cut, shape, and set the colored glass pieces for our projects. One of the best parts about working on a project at the Garden Street Studio is how accommodating Jenny and her staff are when it comes to the preparation of materials and the ease of clean up after we finished. We were encouraged by the staff to be creative and in the process make a mess. It was such a relief to be able to take our finished projects home to display, while leaving the mess behind.

We had such a fantastic time during our mosaic party and we really hope you will rally a group of your friends to visit the Garden Street Art Studio and get creative!

Check out the videos below to learn more about the Kid Corner Art Classes and our Joaquin Around Kit Fox Mosaic Party:



Garden Street Arts Studio: Mosaic Party!

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