Each year the Exeter Lions Club hosts a charity brewfest on the lawn of the Exeter Veterans Memorial Building. This year marks the 19th anniversary of this Exeter Brewfest and looks to be the best yet with a record setting number of guest breweries scheduled to attend serving a hundred different quality craft brews. In addition to the beer tasting, this event also includes live music acts, cigar bar, and gourmet meat & cheese samples courtesy of the Exeter Lions Club. Get “hoppy” because the ale starts flowing on Saturday May 3rd from 2:00-6:00 p.m! While experienced brewfesters might have this local fest all figured out, first time guests might be wondering just what to expect. For those excited newcomers to the festival, here are a couple tips to help get through Exeter Brewfest like a pro!

Plan Your Ride

Let’s not lie to ourselves, the main reason we are  going to the Brewfest is to get toasted with our friends, therefore it is important to plan a safe and responsible way of getting our inebriated selves there and back. Before you plan anything else, make sure to have a friend lined up that you can call to pick you up at the end of the festival or if you have a friend who doesn’t happen to drink, entice them into shuttling you around by letting them know that the Brewfest is free to designated drivers. Time to start calling in some favors!

Dress the Part

225638_10151421273852409_489402879_n While there will be plenty of shady spots to hang out and relax during the fest, the majority of booths will be located out in the open and sunny areas of the park, so it is important to dress to keep cool. Make sure to wear your hats and sunscreen along with your sundresses & sandals or bro tanks & boardshorts.

Claim Your Spot

BREWFEST5 Be sure to get to the Exeter Brewfest a little early in order to reserve your group’s hang out spot by laying out picnic blankets and lawn chairs. The best spots are located on the north and south ends of the park where there are a number of large trees providing some welcoming shade when you need a place to relax.

Pack (Wear) Snacks


While there will be plenty of food vendors offering samples at the fest, it’s a smart idea for guests to plan ahead for when the drunk munchies catch up with them. Festival goers should feel free to pack for a picnic with goodies that will compliment the beers, such as fruits, crackers and cheeses. Also, pretzel necklaces are a popular fashion accessory unique to the Brewfest that provide strolling revelers with a hands-free wearable snack, while helping to avoid the long sample lines.

Closing Time DealsBREWFEST2

First time Brewfesters might get a little sad when they hear last call announced, but not the veterans because they know that it is really go time! They know this is the time many of the complimentary food stands will be willing to unload their surplus goods for the low low price of free. It’s around this time that gourmet sausage booths quit with the toothpick sample slices and start giving away whole links to everyone still in attendance. Seasoned brewfesters plan ahead for this final giveaway by bringing their own hotdog buns with them to the event. Be sure to stick around until the very end of the festival in order see what kind special deals might be available!

After the Party, is the After-Party

The party doesn’t end after Brewfest lets out at 6:00p.m., especially this year since the event happens to fall on Cinco De Mayo weekend! Most people like to keep the good times going by attending a planned or impromptu after-party with their amigos. Don’t worry if you forget to set up your own after party, most of the local Exetonians stumble their way over to The Stag Saloon, a quaint western dive bar located nearby in downtown Exeter.

If you are interested in attending the Exeter Brewfest, you will have to request a ticket from an Exeter Lion’s Club Member. A good place to start with a ticket request would be to ask your friends if they know a member to contact or message the Exeter Lion’s Club Facebook Page. Tickets are $40 each and the proceeds go to local Exeter charities.

Cheers! Salud! Skal! Prost!: Exeter Brewfest Survival Guide

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