Home many times have you gone on the same date? What do you do? Do you go to dinner and then find yourself at the movie theater? Or, maybe you just end-up at home watching Netflix after you both decide that the bars are just not worth it anymore. Sound about right? Pretty invigorating date isn’t it?  If you are like me, I love my girlfriend to death and always want to make her feel special through wonderful unique dates, but sometimes that is tough.

Let’s face it, coming up with a unique date idea in the Central Valley can be hard. I mean really, couples that live in the Bay or Los Angeles have it easy. These lazy people can take their lovers to real professional sports teams, beaches, bars, music events. They could do all of these in one day if they really wanted. Well, we have to be a bit more creative than those bums. So to help out other couples I am going to present you a few date ideas.  I will be creating new posts around this subject as time goes on…

Visalia Date Ideas – Get on Cloud 9 at Sky Walk in Fresno

SkyWalk_Activities-Panoramic This photo of is courtesy of http://www.skywalk.us/

Estimated cost: $20 – 30 (without dinner or gas money)
Address: 10432 Hwy 41 Madera, CA
Phone: (559) 326-2022

For the active couple, I suggest a date at Sky Walk in Fresno.  Sky Walk is giant room full of gymnastic trampolines, dodge ball, and foam pits. Essentially it is a giant bounce house where you can hop around like a little kid.  Sky Walk provides a cheap fun date for new couples or group dates. Honestly, you probably can’t bounce around for more than one hour. Start your date off by going to dinner in Fresno. Get dinner, and fueled by the grape, before making your way over to Sky Walk. Don’t be afraid to act like you are back in Junior High.

Pro tip: If you want an added sense of surprise, don’t say your plans. Tell your significant other to “dress-up,” but bring a set of workout clothing. This should intrigue your date.

Visalia Date Ideas – Sweets with your Sweetie at Reimers

This photo of Reimer’s Candies and Gifts is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Estimated cost: $10 – 20 (plus gas money)
Address: 42375 Sierra Dr, Three Rivers, CA 93271
Number: (559) 561-4576

Love chocolate, ice-cream, and perhaps wine?  Go to Bev-Mo and get your date’s favorite type of wine. If you don’t know what type of wine they like, then ask or get a Moscato. It’s okay guys, even gangsters love Moscato (If buying for a man, pick out a red wine for your man since guys usually like bitter tastes). Now pick up your honey and drive up to Reimers in Three Rivers.  Buy chocolate, lots of it… let your inner fat kid live, don’t be bashful. Now get in your car and find a section of the river you can access. Once you find a spot, pop open the bottle of wine and eat your delicious desserts by the soothing river. If this date doesn’t earn you brownie points, then I don’t know how to help you.

Pro tip: Bring a picnic because you might want to have food other than dessert.

Note: I am not sure how “legal” it is to drink by the river, so be careful.  Also, don’t drink and drive.

Visalia Date Ideas -Man Date at Rawhide Stadium


Cost: $60 – 80
Address: 300 N Giddings St, Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: (559) 732-4433

Ladies, you are not the only ones that like to be taken on dates. Treat your man and take him to a Rawhide baseball game.  Most men love sports. As a man, I think it is pretty sexy when a woman allows her man to watch sports and drink beer.  It is even hotter when it is her idea and on her dollar. Bonus points if you have a group of guy friends to go with. But don’t stop there girl, get that man you deserve.  Call ahead and ask for “Dugout Seats”  or try to get into the VIP section (very pricey).  Dugout seats are not advertised online or at the stadium.  The tickets cost $25.00 per seat and will seat you right next to the Rawhide’s dugout. Not many people know they exist. This section is designed like a dugout and will send your manly sports fanatic back to little league. I’ll admit, the seats have a partially skewed view because of netting protecting you from foul balls, but not everyone gets watch a game from a dugout.

Pro Tip: Go on a Thirsty Thursday, if you get the dugout seats you are right next to the concessions stand.

Note: Go early in the season.  We all know how miserably the heat can be in the summer, so go to the ballpark while the weather is nice.

Well there you have it, three date ideas. If you have already done these, be sure to go to our event calendar, where we are constantly posting upcoming events to our site.  Or, make your way to our other articles.  I would be sure to look at Nick’s post about the best bars in Visalia to have a conversation.

Be sure to check back in a month. I will be posting a few more fresh ideas, but I need your help! Have you gone on any amazing local dates? What was your favorite date? Tell me in the comments below!

Visalia Date Ideas to Impress your Mate – Volume 1

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